Sunday, February 24, 2008


Here's a picture of Gus' football team last saturday. They won 3-0.

Book Week

Last week we had book week at school. On the Friday everyone could dress up as their favourite character from a book. Declan - the tin man, Gus - Aslan from Narnia and Tilly - the white witch from Narnia. There's a couple of pics of Declan's class and Tilly's class as well.

FHE Cinnamon Rolls

For family home evening one Monday we went to our friends house for dinner. Chuck and Laurel taught the kids how to make cinnamon buns Canadian style. The kids and Chuck made such a mess but had a fantastic time cooking them up. My goodness - they were soooo rich.

Bath Time

On our drive home from Wonosobo, there was a large dirty river along the road. This is where everybody from the villages bathes, washes their clothes and ..... goes to the toilet.

Boroburdor Temple

We drove to Jogjakarta one day and saw the Boroburdor Temple. It's the biggest temple in the world. To walk around it is 5km. And I think from memory it's nearly 2000 years old. It's actually build by Buddhist but now it's a sacred site for the Muslims.

Windows of Indonesia

We caught these guys just hanging around! It seemed so classically Indonesian to us.

Dieng Plateau

This is a famous part of Indonesia. As we were driving up you can see the white pipes on the mountain side, that's the above ground water pipes servicing various villages and farms. Alot of Indonesians hang their washing out to dry wherever they can find a spot - including the road side.

Green Lake

In Wonosobo we went to a Green Lake. It had a terrible smell to it because of the sulphur content. It's on top of an volcano and the lake had all these bubbles in it. Apparently the magna underneath the earth was heating it up and these bubbles were like steam escaping from the magna. (Couldn't believe I was actually standing there).

Harvest Time

As we were driving up the mountains, there were heaps of people going up and down the roads with their harvests. We couldn't believe they were travelling up and down these mountains with such heavy loads on their shoulders. They were travelling km's from the plantation to the village.

Trasnport in Indonesia

We tried to capture some of the forms of transport used here in Indonesia. The horse and cart was used everywhere in Wonosobo. There were heaps of them. These little rickshaw's are also everywhere. Then you see pictures of people piled into trucks being transported around. Also very common.

More Markets!

A few more shots to accompany the last entry.

Market Time

We passed through quite a few markets on the way to Wonosobo. I tried to do some very quick photography whilst we were driving past. Let me assure you that I don't go shopping at one of these every week for my groceries. If we did, the amoeba's would kill us in no time!

Roadside restaurant

We stopped here on our way to Wonosobo for brunch. Since we had left home at 3:00am we were all a little tired - as you can see from the photos. It took us 12 hours to drive there. Here's a photo of where they did some of the cooking, on this little grill with a frilly green hut built around it. As you can see from Gus - we ate chicken rice for nearly the whole 4 days.

Wonosobo Drive

Recently we took a road trip to a place called Wonosobo. On the way we met the onion capital of the world. Check out all these red onions!! There was probably a stretch of about 70km where these onions were being grown, and harvested.

Faces of Indonesia

Again, just a couple of pics showing some of the faces we see here in Indonesia.