Saturday, April 19, 2014

New Church Clothes

Felix recently acquired some new church clothes.  
He can't get dressed fast enough every Sunday morning.  

Felix's Athletics Carnival

Felix recently had his school athletics carnival.  
Featured here is Felix doing the Teddy Bear race and the partner race.
Last year he was too shy to run, but this year, as you can tell by his face, he loved it and was dead set on winning each race.  He came 2nd in two races and 1st in the partner race.

First Day of School

2014 school year starting and these are my gorgeous kids in their school uniforms.  
They all look so grown up - Gus is in Grade 9, Tilly starting high school in Grade 7 and Felix in Prep.
How time flies by ...

Water Fights

And here are all the water fighters!  Armed and dangerous.

4WD with Grandpa

Grandpa giving all the grandkids rides on the 4WD.

Tennis Fun

Felix playing with new tennis racquet.  He thinks he's a real pro.

Surfing the waves

Felix surfing the waves on his new Boogie Board