Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas at home

Well we finally made it home, on 27th December. Gus and Tilly burst inside our doors to find Santa really had been and left presents here as well. We also exchanged presents for each other. Santa also had hacked into the Gingerbread house and as you see it didn't take long for Gus and Tilly to do the same. They soon filled their cheeks with chocolate and candy, as you see with Tilly.

Felix by the pool

This was as far as Felix went at getting in the pool. But he seemed to love it. He looks cute in this photo with Declan.

Surfs Up!

Jimbaran Bay is also great surfing for kids. They had ball! Their friends had boogie boards and they spent hours surfing the waves and building space ships in the sand. I love this photo of Gus with the board, it's one of those classics destined for a frame.

Friends at Jimbaran

We met up with some more friends who own a villa on Jimbaran Bay. It was just beautiful. We had lunch together and then made our way to the beach (just down the lane). The kids took the easy option - golf cart. Jimbaran Bay is just beautiful and great for kids. It's a very popular eating spot as it has heaps and heaps of seafood restaurants. Also home of the Intercontinental and Four Seasons.

Injured Tilly

Tilly was accidently poked in the eye at the pool. It burst quite a few blood vessels in her eye and it was very sore to open. She was very frustrated by it because she had to keep it closed so it wouldn't hurt as much, but then she couldn't keep her good eye open. So I made up a patch for her eye to keep it closed so she could still use the good one. Again, it's one of those "only Tilly" moments.

Christmas Dinner

We went to the Grand Hyatt for Christmas Dinner. This has become our little tradition. It never fails to please. The Grand Hyatt had it all perfect: turkey; cranberry sauce; lamb rack; mint jelly; pork and apple sauce; prawns; salads; huge array of desserts; soups; breads; etc. Oh my, totally indulgent. And the best Christmas pudding with custard. Loved it all.

Family Portrait

Our annual Christmas Day photo.

Only Tilly!!!

So here we are by the pool on Christmas Day. The kids were playing at the kids club with their friends. We're enjoying our mocktails and talking with friends. When we turn around and see this image!!!!!! Well we couldn't stop laughing, I had tears pouring down my cheek. Only Tilly!!! What a crack up! There was a clown at the club who obviously either had a spare outfit or was changing into it. But obviously Tilly somehow got hold of it and tried it on.

Felix by the pool

This is extent of Felix by the pool for the 2 weeks. ha ha.

Felix Magic!

This photo of Felix smiling is the best one of all. It's just magic when your baby smiles for the first time. He's little eyes lit up and are all aglow, almost like you can see right back to eternity. It really is beautiful and breaks your heart. This is definitely my favourite photo of Felix so far, I'm going to print it for a frame.

He's smiling!!

Felix smiled for the first time here in Bali. It was on Tuesday, 16th December, 6 weeks old. Here we are trying to capture it. It was so beautiful, brought tears to my eyes.

What a mess!

Gus and Tilly are checking on the Reindeers. They left a terrible mess on our balcony, carrot pieces went everywhere.

1st Christmas

This is Felix's first Christmas, not quite 8 weeks old. But very interested in what's going on.

Christmas Morning

Gus and Tilly woke up at about 6:00am to find Santa Claus had been. Santa left a letter for us saying that he had delivered the presents to our home in Jakarta but couldn't resist leaving 1 present for each of us at our apartment in Bali. Gus and Tilly were absolutely thrilled to bits to receive a DS Nintendo each. Gus a black one and Tilly pink. Santa also left some huge lollipops and a special necklace for mum.

Christmas Eve

On Christmas eve we went back to the Italian restaurant with our friends for dinner. Then came home to get everything ready for Santa Claus and the reindeers. Here Gus and Tilly are preparing some food for the reindeers.

Windows of Indonesia

Most farmers still use the old fashioned way of ploughing up the mud ready for the rice to be planted. This lady carries her bundle on her head, this is also a very common sight in the villages.

Balilnese Funeral

Declan went on this Tiki Tour one day around the island using his new camera. He came across this funeral. Here they placed the body inside this wooden elephant, then burnt it. When it call collapsed in a heap, they just kept pushing it together to keep burning. Ewhhh, it's just awful, Declan said you could actually see parts of the body sticking out.

Windows of Indonesia

Some more beautiful photos of Indonesia.


Not an unusual sight in part of Bali is to see monkeys on the side of the road and in the trees.

Planting Rice

Also on the way home from rafting they stopped alongside some rice paddies and were able to get in the mud with the locals and plant some rice. As you can see the water is very muddy and so you have to wash off afterwards. Unfortunately these little rivlets on the side of the road, although not muddy, are used for washing clothes, bodies, tools, and even for toileting. So you need another good wash when you get home.

Umbrella anyone?

On the way home from rafting they when past some beautiful scenery and met these 3 on the side of the road. It was raining and so they found themselves these umbrellas. Indonesians really don't like to get wet, even though it's hot. So many are too poor to afford any kind of protection from the wet.

The Grand Finale

This little trip down the waterfall is right at the end. So much fun!!!

River Rafting

Declan, Gus and Tilly went white water rafting with our friends from Bangladesh and also another friend Josh, from Jakarta. They had a fantastic day and wonderful time on the river. Here are some photos of the before, the on the way there, the during, and the after.