Thursday, June 20, 2013

Felix's Robot

Felix came home from school the other day with his "Robot".  


As it's winter now, we are all up before the sun.  The other morning we saw the most stunning sunrise we have ever seen.  We all stopped to take these amazing photos.  Kids were awestruck. 

Gus playing soccer

Gus has loved playing soccer again.  He is on an all boys team from the Deloraine area.  
So far they are unbeaten!!!  Some of the weekly scores have been 8 - nil.
Hope they continue their winning streak!

Felix learning to ride his bike

A few weeks ago, we took off the training wheels and Felix was riding in no time at all.

 He absolutely loves it and rides everywhere.  Now he's doing "skids" as well (such a boy!).

Curlie the Pig

We took delivery a month or so ago of Curlie. 
She is adorable and has caused great excitement in the family and especially with Toby.

Tilly took over as "Mother".  All she has to do is whistle to Curlie and she comes running to Tilly.

Toby and Curlie took a while to get used to each other but now they are fine together.

Leaf fight

Kids having fun in the autumn leaves

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Love this photo

I took this photo during a trip to Bicheno, on Tassie's East Coast. 
One of my favourite photos, it just captures a moment I'll always remember. 

Mothers Day

Two mothers and one potential mother.  Three generations linked together for time and all eternity.

We also went to the Mole Creek caves with a heap of friends.  

Felix was ready with his flashlight.

The caves were stunning and magnificent. 

Strahan Visit

During the Easter holidays we went to Strahan on the West Coast and had a great experience.  We travelled on the APT railway, an old steam engine, for the day.  It was a fantastic experience and well worth it.  Strahan is such a quaint village on the rugged West Coast, very beautiful.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Felix's Athletics Carnival

Felix had his first athletics carnival today.  He kept saying he was "too shy" to run but made it through the teddy bear race with Tilly.

Pancake Man

One of Felix's favourite foods are my pancakes (or crepes).  As you can see he obviously couldn't stop after eating the pancake, there was all this syrup and ice cream left on the plate - he just couldn't resist.

Swimming in the river

This is so funny.  Felix and Oliver had exactly the same swimmers on.  Tilly and Matilda also had similar swimmers.  Lots of fun with friends in the river.  

Jam Makers

We've been making lots of jam with all the blackberries on Grandpa's property.  We also tried our hand at apricot and strawberry.  Tilly designed the labels and logo.

1st Day of School

Boating in Bicheno

Over the Christmas holidays we had some time at Bicheno and spent as much time fishing as possible on the boat.  Tilly and Gus both caught gummy sharks however Gus's was too small so we had to let it go.  Tilly was too scared to hold hers.  Gus did a little snorkeling as well.