Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Felix and Mummy

Declan just did some happy shots one afternoon while I was playing with Felix. He's only 4 and half months old here.

Declan's class

Here's a cute picture of Declan's Kangaroo class. It is the 100th day at school and they do all kinds of fun activities all day long. Here they made their 100 glasses and put them on for a photo.

Felix and Arnie

Felix loves his teddy bear - Arnie. Here's a few shots of Felix playing with him on our bed.

Last day with Grandparents

Here are the Page grand kids with Grandma and Grandpa. They had just packed their bags and were leaving to go the airport. This is still from February.

Super Grover

Super Grover is actually from "Sesame Street" when Grover goes flying through the air. Dad used to give us Super Grovers when we were kids and now he's giving them to the grand kids.

Felix and Grandpa

Here are some cute photos of Felix and Grandpa playing together.

Cute Felix

Felix and grandma were having a little play one day, just some cute photos.

Playing golf

Just a couple of more shots of us all playing golf, including our driver - Andri.

Putt putt golf

Just some nice photos of us going into play putt putt golf. It's pretty hot playing even putt putt golf outside, with no a/c.

Gong Factory

We visited a "factory" in Bogor that makes gongs. The reason why I wrote factory like this, is because it's not how you would really imagine a factory. It was a tiny street front door that led into closed in area with a dirt floor and a large fire in the middle where they were firing up the metal and then they'd pull it out and then 5 men would hammer the heck out of it. They did this all day in the searing heat until the gong was the right shape and would make the right sound.

Rickshaw ride

Here's mum and dad actually getting the ride through the village. Dad got out towards the end, he was just too cramped.

Rickshaw ride

We went back to the rickshaws after paintball and we thought it would be fun for mum and dad to have a little ride. Well it was a laugh a second watching them try to get into the rickshaw.


In Bogor there was a paintball park. So we went in there and had a great time although I don't think I would do it again in a rush. The balls really hurt when they get you. We had to say that the kids were not allowed to be shot at. Mum stayed with Felix so here you see: Grandpa, Declan, Andri (our driver), myself, Gus and Tilly. A great "kama-kazi" shot.

Village Life - at the shop

Where we stopped to look at this home, there was also a shop across the road where a few women were gathered. They were so excited to see a white baby. They quickly ushered me over there and sat me down next to them. You could tell the oldest lady was a respected grandmother of sorts. The other younger women were so intrigued and laughing all the time. One of the ladies (wearing a cream top) wanted to hold Felix but I had this really uneasy feeling about her and whilst she tried to take him, I held on to him tight. At the very same time all the other women rushed to her and told her not to take him. I could tell there was something not right about her. However the old grandmother wanted to hold him and I was happy for her to. She was really sweet.

Village Life - Home

Here is another very common scene. This is a home for these people. It's just unbelievable admid all this rubbish. I guess this is a window into the 3rd world. I wish I could say this picture was rare, but unfortunately it's not.

Village Life - washing

This lady was doing the washing for her family. This is such a way of life for millions of Indonesians. I've stayed in a home where the washing was done like this. A slab of cement and a small tub. Check out the background as well.

Village Life - gardening

We took a few turns into the village and found ourselves in this little community way out in the sticks. This man was doing some gardening. Looks like he was harvesting something like lemon grass stalks.