Saturday, November 10, 2012

Felix's 4th Birthday

Felix had a wonderful 4th birthday.  He opened presents in the morning, then went off to pre-kinder where the class sang happy birthday to him.  His teacher gave him a special sticker to wear and a little birthday bookmark.  We took in some cupcakes as well.  The afternoon was spent in a big water fight with Gus and Tilly and then we had the birthday dinner.  Felix had ordered spaghetti bolognaise as his favourite food and of course the Echidna cake.  

A little visitor

The kids found this Echidna wandering around the house.  It was so cute!  He was quite happy waddling around us all.  He also provided the inspiration for Felix's birthday cake.  


Aunty Ashlee helped to dress up the kids for Halloween this year.  

Poor Tilly had a leach attack, it must have been on her for many hours when she was playing with her friend, Hayley.  We found in that night as it crawled out of her hair.  It had bitten her 3 times on her head, needless to say she was a mess.  Took hours to stop the bleeding.  

Bicheno with the Sayers

A beautiful day in Bicheno with the Sayers.