Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dummy addict

Felix loves his dummies! Now that he's down to 1 sleep a day, he does want to use it more especially when he's crabby and tired.

Also we had a breakthrough tonight!!!! Felix ate meat!! I couldn't believe it. Since he started eating food, he has absolutely hated meat (of any kind). Yes my baby/toddler has been a vegetarian by his own choice. I have tried it in so many forms and varieties, but to no avail. And then tonight - the drought was broken. Declan made some chicken schnitzels for dinner, we cut them up into tiny portions for Felix (just to kind of test the waters again), not only did he eat them, he loved them. We were all so shocked by this sudden breakthrough. I hope he continues to enjoy it in the next meal.

Easter Time

Kiss Me!!! This is Felix's first go at an easter egg. As you can see it didn't last long, in fact he tried to shove it all into his mouth only to find he couldn't then close it, so it oozed out all over the floor, his clothes and face. I tried at one point to scoop some out of his mouth but he wouldn't have a bar of that and kept running away. Ha ha, typical Page/Porter. Loves his chocolate.

Horse Riding

Tilly has been having horse riding lessons with her friend Spencer. Each Wednesday they go straight from school to the horse riding area about 1 hour away. Both of them love it so much.

Best of Friends

Spencer, Keating, Gus and Tilly. All best of friends. Sadly Keating and Spencer (who are brother and sister) will be leaving this July. We will miss them and their family terribly.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Boys

The 3 Page boys.

Jungle Walks/Sleeps

While in Lembang we did another Jungle walk with our friends. As you can see their kids are similar ages to ours. It was so much fun. However, some of us slept on the way!

Volcano Geysers

At the bottom of this volcano were heaps and heaps of geysers. The water was bubbling hot. So much so that you can even cook eggs in it. Consequently here's a photo of our egg baskets and our eggs cooking in the volcanic water. Lots of people were putting their feet into the hot pools but it really was so hot. Apparently the mineral content of the water is quite good/therapeutic.

Volcano walk

We recently travelled 4 hours to a place called Lembang with another Indonesian family and wonderful friends of ours. We arranged to do these fantastic outdoor fun activities whilst in the area. We visited a volcano at the top and then walked down the mountainside, through the jungle, to the bottom of the volcano. As you can see, Felix was a bit upset - lack of sleep mainly.

Phone Users

Here's a couple of picks of the different types of phone users in this house. Felix is such a gadget boy, as soon as he can get his hands on a gadget/phone, he runs as fast as he can and tries to hide away with it. Gus on the other hand, was talking to family in Australia whilst riding on his Ripstick through the house. It was so funny to watch.

Jordanian Family Fun

We were invited to lunch with a Jordanian family, they are such a wonderful family and we all get all along so well. Declan teaches their son. However Amal put on this huge feast of traditional food and it was absolutely delicious. She said that her mother-in-law taught her for 1 year how to make this food to perfection and perfect it was. So scrummy.


Whilst we were living in Thailand, we met Stine and we soon became strong friends. We have kept in touch all this time and remained good friends. Out of the blue one day Stine emails me to say she is coming over, well we were thrilled to bits. We had a fantastic time and it was so wonderful to see over time our friendship is just the same. Pictured here is Trine (a friend of Stine's from Denmark), Stine and myself.

American Idols???

Tilly and her best friend, Spencer, were singing karaoke to "My Heart Will Go On". It was such a hoot. They dressed up, put on make up, etc, and rehearsed for about 1 hour. They were fantastic!

Elephant Riding

Over last Christmas we were in Bali for 3 weeks, pretty much lounging around. However, we did go out to the Elephant Park for a meet, greet and ride. We had lots of fun. However, we did find it extremely expensive compared to the same kind of thing we did in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

It's been a long time

Yes it has, between my blogs. I'm sorry everyone. Life just takes it turns and all of a sudden you realise it's been too long. So I'm going to try to do this more regularly. I'll just be updating you on a couple of recent things we've been doing.