Friday, June 19, 2009

Jolly Jumper Time

We introduced Felix to the Jolly Jumper in May. He absolutely loves it. It took him a few goes to get his rhythm going and now he just can't stay in it long enough. In fact, now every time you stand him up he tries to bounce instead of walk.

Felix 6 months old and enjoying himself by the pool in the pram.

Easter Morning

Luckily the Easter Bunny found us in Bali. He left quite a selection of little eggs as well as a momento of himself for Gus and Tilly. Even little Felix was covered in eggs and had fun playing with them.

Night Photos

Some lovely night photos of the view from our balcony, the sea and pool.

Beach Photos

I think one of Ma and Pa's favourite past times was beach watching. There were also plenty of weddings up and down the beach to keep Ma occupied. Some cute shots of Gus and Tilly enjoying the beaches.

The Whale

I bought Felix a whale floatation device and he absolutely loved it. Actually he loved trying to bite it.

Felix in the pool

This was Felix's first time swimming in the pool and he absolutely loved it. On average he probably had 3 swims a day. The water was so warm, like a bath. He learnt to kick his little feet and paddle with his arms. He looked like the little baby turtles off "Nemo".

More Fun

We explored some other beaches around Bali, here's Tilly on one very picturesque beach. Nearly everyday was fun in the pool.

Other poolside activities

Well there are other things beside swimming and sunbathing. There's massage for adults, banana boats for the kids and DS Nintendos for you and your friends around the pool.

By the Beach and Pool

Being in Bali is all about the pool and beach. It's just so nice to relax and enjoy.

Windows of Indonesia

Some more gorgeous photos that Declan has taken of beautiful Indonesia.

Windows of Indonesia

Some of the beautiful scenery in Indonesia.


In Bali, one of our favourite places to go is Waterbom Park. Of course everywhere we went, so did Declan and his new camera. He's taken some lovely photos.

Family photos

Just a few snappy shots before we left for Bali.

Pa and Felix

Cheryle and Denise arrived in April 09 for their first visit to Indonesia and their first visit with Felix.