Thursday, October 30, 2008

Almost there

Here's a couple of photos taken of me at 37 weeks pregnant with ???? (number 3). Especially for mum and Simone who have been asking for weeks to see what I look like now. So here it is - it's already in trouble as I've had 23 hours of labor a week ago and still nothing to show for it.

Only Tilly

Tilly was so excited to get her shin pads for soccer, she just couldn't stop wearing them no matter what the situation - dressed, undressed, or showering.


Look at where I found Jerry, our cat. On the top of one of our dining room chairs.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jack's Birthday

Whilst we were in Bali, it was Jack's 7th Birthday! We went to one of our favourite restaurants called "Massimo's" for dinner. Massimo made this fantastic cake for Jack and wheeled it out on a trolley after turning out all the restaurant lights and with his staff behind him all singing Happy Birthday to Jack.

Relax and Enjoy

Bridey and Anthony enjoying the time together and watching the kids fly their kites on the beach.

Nappy or Bean Bag?

Check this out - we couldn't find the little toddler bathers here in Indonesia for Mia. So at times she wore a nappy. But check out the size of it after swimming?! I said to Mia "sit down on your bean bag" and she sat down straight away on this massive nappy. It was such a crack up!


The hotel we always stay in, is right on the beach. When it's low tide, it's just so much fun exploring the reef. There are thousands of starfish to be found, here the kids filled up their buckets and made their own little pen for them.

New Friends

Even little Mia made friends with the locals.

Fun in the Sun

Recently Bridey and Anthony and the kids came to visit us here in Indonesia. We had the best time together. 1 week in Jakarta and the next week in Bali. The kids had a ball!!! Flying kites, playing on the beach, swimming in the pool, etc, etc.

Another birthday

Our dear friend, Rick, who's all alone at the moment whilst his wife is in Canada, suddenly calls and asks to visit. We found out why when he arrived - it was his birthday!!! Happy Birthday Rick! Lucky I had just finished making a cake - a few candles later and VOILA!

Ooops - One more pet!

Ha ha, here's little Mia (Bridey's daughter), she soon worked out how to get even closer to Chloe!

Our pets

Here's a couple of photos of our pets, Jerry the Cat and Chloe the puppy. They are so cute and the kids absolutely love and adore them. We're still in toilet training mode with the puppy (and all the joys that brings with it!?).

FHE and Friends

We had family home evening with some wonderful friends of ours, Chuck and Laurel. Chuck is the king of cooking sweet, gooey, desserts! That taste absolutely fantastic and are highly addictive. Chuck teaches Gus and Tilly how to make them along with a lesson to go with it. We'll miss them so much when they go back to the States.

First day of school

Here's Gus and Tilly on their first day back at school this year. Gus is in Year 4 and Tilly in Year 2. I can hardly believe it! Time has gone by so fast. Our school year here starts in August.

Tilly's Birthday

Well Tilly's birthday was actually a few days after we returned home to Jakarta. My dear friend, Maggie, was such a wonderful help and created a little birthday part for Tilly at her home. Maggie's daughter, Spencer, and Tilly are great friends. And her son, Keating, and Gus are also great friends.

The Farm

I thought this was a lovely scene looking down over mum and dad's home. Looking at photos and scenes like this brings back so many memories of growing up here.

Hay Bale Fun

The kids just love to jump all over the hay bales, of course Toby joins in the fun too.

Rusty the Calf!

Is it Rusty the calf or Rusty the horse? Mum and Dad's handraised pet, Rusty, is adorable. He is so calm and mild. The kids could even ride him around.

Cooking with Grandma

One of Tilly's favourite past times is cooking with Grandma. Gus also getting in on the act - especially when it comes to licking out the bowls.

Helping Grandpa

Tilly working alongside Grandpa, digging holes in the garden.

Fun with Lucy and Mason

We went down to St Helens to visit with Lucy and Mason. They had lots of fun at the park.

Farm Transport

Talk about the high road and the low road. Gus is going really well on the motorbike now. Tilly had fun playing on the toddler bike.

Vroom Vroom!!!

Ma and Pa with their new baby!

Actually it's Ma's but I don't think it will be long before Pa gets his own!