Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tree Tops

We went to a place called Tree Tops, where the kids hook up to cables and do

these obstacle courses through the trees. There are like 5 different levels of difficulty and heights. They love it and had so much fun cabling through the trees.

Diving with Friends

Gus and Tilly did an introductory dive course with their best friends Keating and Spencer. Whilst Tilly and Spencer did theirs in the villa pool with another friend Callia, Gus and Keating and Dante all went the next day to a lagoon and did a 5 metre dive. They absolutely loved it! They are so enthusiastic now about getting their diving certificate and qualifications.

Fun on the beach

Great Friends

Tilly & Chri
Our dear friends from Dakka, this is Christmas Eve at one of our favourite restaurants. It's become our little tradition to go here each year for Christmas Eve.

Water Sports

Gus had his first turn at driving the jet ski's.

This is the water sports crew. All friends that we meet up with each year the Penninsula Resort.

Christmas Holidays In Bali

This is Felix playing hide and seek, in this particular instance he was doing the counting. It was so funny and so cute.
Water baby, he loves the water and was trying to swim here.

The kids together on the balcony of our time share unit.

Renovation Photos

This last photo gives you a little bit of the neighbourhood as well. We are actually located in central Bintaro, which is the suburb where the school is also located. Very close to us there is a new shopping mall opening up. Bintaro is probably one of the fastest growing suburbs in Jakarta. It's had a growth rate of no less than 20% each year. The prices of houses and land is going up every month and there are so many new housing developments, buildings, shops etc being built each week.

More Renovation Photos

The Renovations Begin

As you can see my house literally looks like a bomb hit it!! It's just a shell. What you see here is not even all of it yet. There is still more to be taken out.

More house photos

The first photo is of the 3rd floor - this will be transformed into 3 maids rooms and small bathroom. This is the master bathroom. The last two photos are of the master bedroom upstairs - it is massive! As you can see we found it with 2 queen size beds in it and a lounge suit. Then there is the walk in wardrobe and bathroom attached at the other end.
The whole house had marble tiles throughout on the floors and bathrooms, however it was very very dated.

More photos

These photos are looking at the 1st and 2nd levels. The next 2 photos are where the pool will be going. The last photo is an area where are BBQ patio area will be.

More photos

Here are some photos of the lounge room area and the downstairs master bedroom. FYI - all these walls are going and the whole downstairs area will be opened up.

The downstairs master bedroom will convert half to a living area and half will be decking from the pool.

More photos of the house

Here are some shots of the rooms inside. This is the entrance/receiving room, dining area, bi fold doors to an indoor garden area.